Johnnie Mac covers a unique version of Jonathon Richman's spoken word poem (with an adjustment to the lyrics) sung for Lake Baikal in Siberia where 20% of the earth's fresh water is found in the one beautiful Lake. 

A Johnnie Mac demo track, this song opens with an excerpt from Daft Punk which will become relevant as the song goes on. 

Johnnie Mac covers Courtney Barnett's song 'No one really cares if you dont go to the party' on the streets of Barcelona

Unlike your favorite love song - this is a hate song! Everyone needs a place to let out bulit up hate and anger. This is about finding that place to howl.

Demo version ... this is imperfect, raw, overproduced and under performed, but Johnnie loves it! ....its not about surfing, it's about image and not fitting into a scene, whatever that scene may be!

Johnnie Mac plays 'The Chant of Namatjira' - full band version, from the album 'The World Seems Happy'

Johnnie Mac sings his own composition 'The Chant of Namatjira' in the historic Hermmansburg church (Northern Territory, central Australia), where celebrated Aboriginal artist, Albert Namatjira is from.

Johnnie Mac plays alongside Australian music legends at the North West Festival 2015


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