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1996:    Radio National recording of acoustic ‘Namatjira’

1997:    Sydney Olympics 2000 Mascot Launch (worldwide distribution)

             - Playing Guitar, Blues Harmonica and Didgeridoo

1998:    Songs & Stories Demo Tape

1999:    6 Track EP ‘Dance The Dance’ with former band - Lixivius

2010:    Debut Album ‘The World Seems Happy’

            ... with Drummer Malcolm Clark (Sleepy Jackson),

            Bassist Bill Jacobi (Goanna, Floyd Vincent & The Childbrides),

            Indigenous Percussion and Language - Kyle Slabb (Bundjalung)

            Backing Vocalist - Shamiren Carroll

  • Sordid Anguish

  • Namatjira

  • Sister

  • No No Men

  • The Minds Battle

  • Kings Cross

LIXIVIUS - Dance The Dance

Lixivius was formed in 1996 with Johnnie Mac on lead guitar and vocals.  Their EP 'Dance the Dance' was recorded in March 1999 at the infamous Albert Studio in Sydney and produced by Ian Miller, legendary rock n roll guitarist with the John Paul Young band and producer of a string of hit singles throughout the late 60's and early 70's.

The name Lixivius was one that popped up literally everywhere around Sydney… on sound desks, posters, and lavs in venues from the Bat and Ball, Excelsior, Annandale, Hopetoun to the Hard Rock Cafe. This band was obviously doing something right to be getting gigs in all these venues, and when you finally did catch up with them you we’re greeted by two guys, three girls and a rather eclectic show that included guitars, drums, sax and a didge!

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